It doesn’t matter if you are a basketball player looking for a higher vertical, a sprinter looking for a more explosive first step out of the blocks or a triathlete looking to avoid injury, we have you covered.  New York New You was born through an athletic journey that included two NCAA championships.  From experience we know that personally excelling in your sport requires more than just pushing yourself in the gym, track, field or road, a defined nutrition plan and recovery program.  That’s where we come in.  Our sports specific training will asses where you are now as an athlete and learn more about your career goals in order to understand strengths and areas of improvement.  This assessment combined with your goals will help us build a training program that helps us make you a stronger, quicker and more powerful athlete.

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  • Working with Luisa these past few months, I got exactly the work I was looking for when I found her – strength and balance in my lower body – and a whole lot more knowledge and wisdom about how my body works than I could have ever imagined I would gain. Luisa knows exactly what to work and how to get the results you’re looking for. She taught me the exercises I wanted to carry on strengthening and balancing on my own, and her insights and suggestions have totally changed how I use my body when I bike and run, and even when I walk and dance. Plus she was fun to work with, good to get to know, and always attentive to my energy level when we started a session. I’m so grateful I connected with Luisa, and I *most highly* recommend her for anyone looking to do some real work on their body.


    Tri-Athlete + Non-profit executive

  • In training for the 2016 Olympics as a member of the Trinidad & Tobago National Track & Field Team, I suffered from severe tightness and a herniated left disk.. Especially after having competed in Europe for two months. Luisa’s yoga & training strategy facilitated in really loosening my muscles up and enabled me to train pain free! I felt more limber and am still benefiting from her teachings. I use them everyday and especially at practice as it has enabled me to get more extension in my running and to feel more productive and strong. (She even helped a few of my fellow Olympian friends improve their running mechanics as they had been effected by similar issues as myself.) I highly recommend Luisa, for not only is she thorough and patient but she brings a superior level of awareness to breathing and muscles that allows one to feel more at home in their own body. She’s amazing!!


    Professional Track & Field Athlete

  • I have wanted to compete in marathons and triathlons for years. One of my major challenges was that with a commanding job that worked me around the clock, I never took the time to train properly. Year after year I would consistently find myself injured throughout the training season and limping across the finish line. Working with Luisa has changed this. My time availability didn’t change, but how I used my time did. She had me build a strong core through a variety of exercises focused on recurring injury areas as well as identifying the root cause of these. Luisa was able to help me be the healthiest I have ever been by coaching me to improve my strength training, building a strong core as my foundation, increasing flexibility, utilizing cross training methods and eating better to support my lifestyle. I have been extremely competitive this season so far and I am looking forward to 5 more races.
    Thank you Luisa


    Triathlete + Non-profit executive

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