A fit and healthy body is the result of mindful nutrition, regular focused physical activity and a sense of self worth.  At New York New You, you will never be given a diet or coached on the latest fad. Rather, we are here to collaborate with you in building a bespoke nutrition and wellness  plan that fits into your life’s priorities. Nutrition coaching is about more than just food and we understand that. It is about learning where unsupportive eating habits have come from, how to actively work on dispelling these myths, breaking the patterns and building new sustainable healthy habits.  Nutrition is about living your life to the fullest.

We’re interested in helping equip you with and fine tuning lifelong skills and habits that help you eat healthy and bring about sustainable dramatic results.  No shortcuts, no gimmicks just proven science, a customized plan, dedication and support. We specialize in

  • General Health + Wellness Nutrition
  • Functional Nutrition
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Fat Loss Nutrition

What it’s like working with a Nutrition Coach?

Our nutrition coaching plans are designed to build lifelong sustainable habits.  Just like with any of our fitness programs, our nutrition coaching starts by us listening.  Listening to what you want to accomplish and why, what your history has been, what has/hasn’t worked for you, etc.  From there we will agree on which steps to take, what accountability & support looks like and how we track progress.

As a precision nutrition coach and using using proven methods we will help you build a sustainable & healthy relationship with food that helps you live a healthy and energetic life.  Through our coaching we will help you perform goal oriented, focused and repeated actions that help you continue to progress towards your goal.

More New York New You Services


Sports Specific Training

Because being an elite athlete means taking your sport beyond the court or the field


Use yoga to recover, support your training program, to detox and relax or as your main form of wellness
group training

Group Training & Corporate Fitness

Training in a group helps create a team and supportive atmosphere


Train safely before, during and after your pregnancy
post rehab

Post Rehabilitation

Transition back into training safely after you recover from your injury


Use boxing intervals as a way to enjoy cardio by adding it to your training circuits


You are what you eat.  Learn how to fuel your body to reach your goals