"I have a different body now"

I’ve been training with Luisa for over a year and I’m constantly amazed by the dedication, knowledge, and creativity she brings to every session. She tailors her work outs to an individual’s needs, and pushes them to just the right point, which she somehow seems to know. I’m 57 with a history of bone fractures and I asked for a program that would strengthen my bones and muscles. My sessions include dead lifts, boxing, Turkish get ups, bench press, bands, kettle bells, TRX, and the hated core exercises on the mat, to name but a few. After working with Luisa I am MUCH stronger, and my bones have gained calcium, much to my doctor’s surprise. I would recommend Luisa to anyone. She’s the best.
Leslee S. – Playwright

"has totally changed how I feel in my body!"

Luisa is absolutely amazing — I cannot recommend her highly enough! I’ve worked with several trainers over the years, but she is the only one who takes a holistic approach to health and has created a truly customized strategy for my body and my goals. I came to Luisa mainly because I had a chronic knee injury that was preventing me from doing the active things I enjoyed, but now my goals reach so much further! Not only does Luisa incorporate a variety of methods during our sessions (yoga, weight training, boxing, TRX), but she also evaluates the broader lifestyle behaviors that can support (or thwart) my goals. Her deep knowledge of anatomy and injury prevention/treatment, as well as her kind and encouraging approach, has totally changed how I feel in my body!changed how I feel in my body!
Tessa- Professor

"... I felt more limber and am still benefiting from her teachings"

In training for the 2016 Olympics as a member of the Trinidad & Tobago National Track & Field Team, I suffered from severe tightness and a herniated left disk.. Especially after having competed in Europe for two months. Luisa’s yoga & training strategy facilitated in really loosening my muscles up and enabled me to train pain free! I felt more limber and am still benefiting from her teachings. I use them everyday and especially at practice as it has enabled me to get more extension in my running and to feel more productive and strong. (She even helped a few of my fellow Olympian friends improve their running mechanics as they had been effected by similar issues as myself.) I highly recommend Luisa, for not only is she thorough and patient but she brings a superior level of awareness to breathing and muscles that allows one to feel more at home in their own body. She’s amazing!!

Magnolia – Professional Athlete

"I have been extremely competitive this season so far..."

I have wanted to compete in marathons and triathlons for years. One of my major challenges was that with a commanding job that worked me around the clock, I never took the time to train properly. Year after year I would consistently find myself injured throughout the training season and limping across the finish line.

Working with Luisa changed this. My time availability didn’t change, but how I used my time did. She had me build a strong core through a variety of exercises focused on reoccurring injury areas as well as identifying the root cause of these. Luisa was able to help me be the healthiest I have ever been by coaching me to improve my strength training, building a strong core as my foundation, increasing flexibility, utilizing cross training methods and eating better to support my lifestyle. I have been extremely competitive this season so far and am looking forward to 5 more races.  Thank you Luisa
Alex- Professional + Triathlete

"Luisa is a life changer!"

Luisa is a life changer! As someone who was never a ‘sporty’ type, I was intimidated by fitness in general and never imagined how strong and confident I could feel until I began working with her. Luisa’s approach is wholistic – she combines strength training, yoga, meditation, free weights, boxing and advice on healthy eating, and I’ve never felt stronger, less inflamed and more focused in my life! She is a truly excellent, all rounded trainer that has changed the way that I view myself and treat my body. In addition, Luisa’s kind and upbeat personality combined with her professionalism make me look forward to each workout I have with her.
Anna – Global Manager

"Luisa is a wonderful person and coach"

Luisa is a wonderful person and coach. She customizes the exercises according to personal goals and health issues. Having had a back surgery, she gives excellent and innovative advice how to strengthen the core. She can offer a variety of exercises and suggests them according to how you feel. At the same time she ensures you consistently raise the bar. Whether you live in New York or visit New York, you should not miss working out with Luisa !
Patty- Global Executive Coach

"She developed detailed follow-up plans that allowed me to follow through"

I loved working with Luisa. She listened to what my goals were, specifically tailored her workout recommendations and trainings to my body and routines, and developed detailed follow-up plans that allowed me to follow through. I’ve since been able to go back to her with more questions, and she’s always responded with thoughtful answers. Working out with her is beneficial and fun. Everyone should see her!
Luke- Professional

"Luisa worked with me to correct my form"

Luisa is the real deal. I’ve been training with her the last couple of years and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I’m injury prone, and spent years with back pain from doing exercises incorrectly. Luisa worked with me to correct my form, which has completely changed the way I work out. Through our work together, she’s also become a trusted confidante and I feel she always has my best interest in mind. Thank you, Luisa!
Susan – HR Executive

"she's great at really customizing a workout that will bring out the best version of you"

As trainers go she’s the best around. She is more than a trainer, she is your partner in crime. Not only is she very knowledgable about the body she’s great at really customizing a workout that will bring out the best version of you. She’s amazing!
Estrella- Musician

"has increased the level I work at in a way that has worked perfectly for my body"

Luisa is nothing short of amazing. I have been working with her for over a year and in that time have moved from NY to CT. I get up at 5am every Monday so that I can get into NY by 8am and have a session with her before going to work. I am that committed to not changing my instructor! Luisa has increased the level I work at in a way that has worked perfectly for my body. She is careful and judges each exercise depending on how you are feeling in that particular moment on that particular day. She has an amazingly positive attitude and is full of educational tips to keep healthy, whether that be on diet, sleep or general maintenance of one’s body. I can not recommend her enough ! She’s the best !
Dinno – VP

"she exhibited an expertise and passion for what she does that is very rare to find"

I have the pleasure of working with Luisa for 2 and a half years. Before Luisa I had tried about 7 other trainers. From our phone consultation, to our very first and last sessions, Luisa exhibited an expertise and passion for what she does that is very rare to find. Equally important she is so human and caring about what she does. With our time together we were not only able to hit my goals but surpass them and exceed expectations of what I thought I was capable of. She was the first trainer that was able to make working out fun and inspiring enough for me to stick to it and try so many new things with her like boxing, rowing, kettlebell training, TRX and interval training to name a few. I would highly recommend Luisa if you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life and long term results. Thank you Luisa for changing my ideas about fitness and my life!!!
Dawn F- Professional

"tailors the sessions specific to my body and my problems"

Luisa is a great trainer and has become a great friend! She tailors the sessions specific to my body and my problems. She is also very resourceful because of her good knowledge. I highly highly recommend her!
Miao – Architect

"routine is based on my specific needs which strengthens my core and balance"

I’ve been working with Luisa for over 5 years and it has been a wonderful experience. Her customized fitness routine is based on my specific needs which strengthens my core and balance. By incorporating yoga, free weights, resistance bands and good old fashion exercising to get my body in motion. I look forward to breaking a sweat before I start my work day! Not only am I feeling the benefits of her fantastic sessions, my daughter is working with Luisa too!! If you are looking to get into shape or just enhance your workout routine I highly recommend working with Luisa!
Lori – Sales Executive

"Constantly shocks your body with novel stretches and excersizes"

Luisa training are a perfect level of intensity and precision that accomplish all of your fitness needs. She identifies weakness very quickly and implements a workout regiment that maximizes the potential of these areas. She utilizes excersizes from a number of different disciplines an constantly shocks your body with novel stretches and excersizes. Highly recommended!
Mike K – Finance Executive

"not only did we succeed in meeting those goals, but we've added others along the way!"

I’ve been working with Luisa for almost two years and it has been an AMAZING experience!!! I originally started working with Luisa because I wanted to improve my posture (I work long hours at a desk) and build overall strength – not only did we succeed in meeting those goals, but we’ve added others along the way! Luisa is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable about everything involving the human body. I was nervous to work with a trainer because I feared I would hurt myself – but Luisa is laser-focused on proper form and mindful of great adjustments. Luisa has also noticed little quirks unique to my body and customized our sessions to address them! Luisa has even introduced me to workouts (like boxing!) I’d never think to try out myself, and to my surprise I’ve loved them and we’ve incorporated them into our sessions. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about her!!!!!!!
Kerry – Attorney

"I was able to learn and build a stronger body and most important get FIT"

After injuring myself a few times last summer I started working out with Luisa, She personalized a program where I was able to learn and build a stronger body and most important get FIT. Not only have I gotten the results I was hoping for, I also have enjoyed every minute. Her knowledge of wellness and nutrition is beyond and very inspiring. Thank you, Luisa!
Monica – Model

"I got exactly the work I was looking for when I found her - strength and balance in my lower body"

Working with Luisa these past few months, I got exactly the work I was looking for when I found her – strength and balance in my lower body – and a whole lot more knowledge and wisdom about how my body works than I could have ever imagined I would gain. Luisa knows exactly what to work and how to get the results you’re looking for. She taught me the exercises I wanted to carry on strengthening and balancing on my own, and her insights and suggestions have totally changed how I use my body when I bike and run, and even when I walk and dance. Plus she was fun to work with, good to get to know, and always attentive to my energy level when we started a session. I’m so grateful I connected with Luisa, and I *most highly* recommend her for anyone looking to do some real work on their body.
Daliah – Athlete + Non- Profit Executive

"She builds confidence and skill in anyone she works with no matter their age, background, or experience with fitness."

I have been training with Luisa for five years. She has also worked with my three teenagers, who all have had different needs and very different personalities. She is psychologically astute, able to work with a wide range of individuals and meet them where they are. She builds confidence and skill in anyone she works with no matter their age, background, or experience with fitness. Most recently, Luisa has worked closely with my youngest son, who boxes several days a week, to make sure that he does not get injured during grueling boxing sessions. She has also helped him work through a number of physical ailments as a result of both injuries and the strain on his body from boxing.

She is an extraordinary trainer on many levels. She is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness training, including weight training, cardio work, yoga, Pilates, and even boxing. She is creative and innovative when it comes to thinking of just the right workout for each individual and each day of training. She is able to on the spot make adjustments or completely switch gears. If I am fatigued, under the weather, injured, or otherwise not up for a particular work out, Luisa comes up with something perfect for the circumstances.

Luisa is a master diagnostician. Within a minute, she can assess any issue I present with, such as a potential source of injury, a particular tightness, or something I can’t pinpoint bothering me, and work miracles. I am often stunned at how she can connect the dots, get to work, and make me feel better almost immediately. She is so aware of anatomy, physiology, body mechanics, nutrition, and general wellness and how everything works together. Her breath of knowledge and expertise is striking.

Always learning and going deeper, Luisa continues to study, train, and invest in her base of knowledge. She knows the latest and most credible research on all aspects of physical well-being and mind-body connection. She is an incredible and reliable resource, who I have consulted with many, many times over the years.

As critical as Luisa’s training and expertise has been, it is her warmth, kindness, humor, responsiveness, and professionalism that has sustained our wonderful relationship for so many years. She is incredibly positive, encouraging, and dedicated and has been such a support through many significant life events. Anyone who is able to work with her, is very fortunate indeed.
Rachel- Non-profit founder

"This will be your best investment. Period."

This will be your greatest investment. Period.

I first meet Luisa while attending a bootcamp class in the city and loved her style and energy. I had been on the lookout for a personal trainer to come to my buildings’ gym and couldn’t find someone who I actually liked seeing and who also knew how to kick my butt!! I reached out to her in regards to private sessions and it was a match made in heaven. I trained with her for 3 years until I moved to the UK. Luisa taught me what no other trainer had, or overpriced group class could…. she taught me proper form!!!! Every day I workout, I think of her- trainers always compliment my form and tell me I’m doing everything right and often use me as an example in group settings. Because I know how to properly do a squat, or push up or lung etc etc… I get the most out of my workout and can push myself harder. Initially you may think working on proper form is a waste of time…. but you couldn’t be more wrong- form is the most important thing, and what very few trainers will even bother to take the time to teach you.

Luisa’s versatility between her fitness training and yoga skills are unparalleled. This matched with her understanding of the body, and her ability to support you and your goals makes her a one of a kind trainer. From body training training, to becoming confident with equipment like kettlebells, barbells, free weights and resistance bands – Luisa had be sweating! She was a key in helping me stay injury free while training for my many NYC half marathons and just generally kept me excited about being healthy. If you are looking for a trainer who really knows & loves their craft, is truly there to support you, cares and is excited to train you…… Luisa is that person! I beyond highly recommended her !!!! What a phenomenal woman.
Channelle Former Professional Skier + Wellness Global Development Manager

"She has helped me enormously to attain my fitness and overall health goals"

Luisa is the ultimate professional and has a wonderful upbeat and positive attitude which makes the work out all the more pleasing each time. She has helped me enormously to attain my fitness and overall health goals. I have trained with her for several years now and could not recommend a better trainer.
Nicholas- CEO

"She plans every session out in advance to keep workouts fresh and interesting..."

Luisa is an excellent trainer and overall fitness guru. She plans every session out in advance to keep workouts fresh and interesting, while adjusting sessions to take into account feedback and areas that require additional focus (or rest). She is multi-dimensional in her approach – from yoga, to boxing, to weight and cross fit training – so she allows you to accomplish your goals through a variety of different, complimentary angles. She clearly cares about her clients and seeks to get the most out of each session with me while never crossing the line of being overbearing or overly aggressive to the point of risking injury. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.
Andrew – Partner (Attorney)