How to do pistol squat exercise (with TRX)

Pistol Squat Benefits Why do pistol squats to begin with?  Pistol squats (or single legged squats) are one of those one of a kind great stability exercises to master in order to help promote optimal body mechanics.  This can be advantageous if you are an everyday person, everyday athlete to an olympic athlete.  Running isn’t […]

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How to do Single Leg Deadlift Exercise

Single Leg Deadlift Exercise Benefits Much like the purpose of mastering and progressing single leg step ups, single leg deadlifts allows us to challenge and train our bodies at efficiently mastering our ability to stabilize our weight on one leg (as we do in running).  It adds another dimension to stability that is crucial -being […]

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mountain climbers exercise

How to do Mountain Climbers Exercise

Mountain Climber Exercise Benefits Mountain climbers are an awesome go to for a solid core exercise.  I’m a big fan of most plank based exercises that challenge your rotary stability (ability to assist rotation in order to stabilize). How to do Mountain Climbers Exercise For this exercise you can use sliding plates or a towel […]

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How to do lateral band walk

When we train for a particular sport, it can be easy to stay within the sport’s designated plane of motion.  Our bodies are designed to move healthily through 3 planes of motion.  We should be able to healthily move side to side, transversely (or horizontally across your body) and forwards and backwards.  When we train […]

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plank exercise

How to do Plank Exercise

It’s always been a cliché in fitness that your core muscles are your most important.  But the why can be kind of vague.  The quick of it is that your central nervous system (wires of communication to the rest of your body) is headquartered here.  A healthy, strong central nervous system connection = strong and […]

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kettlebell swings

How to do Kettlebell Swings and Benefits

Kettlebell Swings Benefits: Before we get into the how, let’s talk about the why? I am a huge fan of kettlebell swings for one main reason; it is such a great full body workout! Done well, you can work on so much at once: strength, cardio, explosiveness, stability and control. Kettlebell swings are an efficient […]

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Balancing the Hips – Creating Strength & Flexibility

This is a great routine if you are working on getting over any hip injuries, an athlete looking to up your game, or just looking to create more balance in your body by promoting both strength and flexibility in your hips. If this is a little to intense for you right now or you have tension in the hips check out the my Hip Flexor injury -the Basics for some prequel hip action 😉


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