kettlebell swings

How to do Kettlebell Swings and Benefits

Kettlebell Swings Benefits: Before we get into the how, let’s talk about the why? I am a huge fan of kettlebell swings for one main reason; it is such a great full body workout! Done well, you can work on so much at once: strength, cardio, explosiveness, stability and control. Kettlebell swings are an efficient […]

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Post Workout Recovery Methods

I am a huge fan of efficiency when it comes to working out. Whether I have 30 minutes or two hours to focus on me, I want to get the most of out my efforts. We often focus too much on our fitness programs that we forget that they way we recover will also have a […]

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8 Natural Ways to Boost Energy

In rest, we accomplish things that we just can’t do when we are awake and bombarded with information. There is an unconscious processes that we undergo in rest that allows us to live to our highest potential when we are awake. Put simply, in rest we recover and rejuvenate in mind and body. Check out […]

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What Happens to the Body Without Rest

Making time to recover is just as important (if not more important) as following through with our goals. When we allow the needed time for recovery, we rest our mind, body and soul which makes more room for something larger than ourselves to do its magic. That something is our body’s natural intuition to repair. When we […]

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Building Lifelong Healthy Habits

Building a Fab Life One Decision at a Time Breaking a life pattern and starting a new supportive life can be an intimidating experience. But it doesn’t have to be! It’s one of those things that it tends to be more of a mental challenge than anything. Change calls for you to harness your ability […]

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fit woman

Breaking Rules in Fitness

Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number A few of us will instantly put mental limitations on how successful we can be by saying things like “I’m too big, too old or too something or another to have the body I have always wanted.” The great power we have in life is that we are literally […]

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Balancing the Hips – Creating Strength & Flexibility

This is a great routine if you are working on getting over any hip injuries, an athlete looking to up your game, or just looking to create more balance in your body by promoting both strength and flexibility in your hips. If this is a little to intense for you right now or you have tension in the hips check out the my Hip Flexor injury -the Basics for some prequel hip action 😉


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