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I’m Luisa Noelle, I’m a Sagittarius, I like long walks on the beach, city strolls and the perfect impromptu hang out. Just kidding. I am a California born chick who was raised all over the place (including Mexico) and continues to grow up in New York City with world travels in between. Having always been obsessed with personal growth, I’ve had a tendency to find one half of myself usually heavily engaged in spiritual growth/exploration through fitness and athletics while the other half works on creative projects. I am one who definitely follows the cliché of “people give what they love to receive.”

Growing up I was the kid who did every sport under the sun until high school when I decided to pick just one so I could find a balance between my athletic and creative sides.  Basketball became my sport because it was both entertaining and challenging.  I played for over 15 years and was part of 2 championship teams during my collegiate career.  It was a challenging sport that really pushed me to grow as an athlete and also as a person.  Along the way, I also unintentionally started my career as a personal trainer and picked up valuable knowledge through my own college training experiences.


If You Always Do What You Always Did, You’ll Always Get What You Always Got.

As a 2008 graduate, I did what I thought was the smart thing to do given the recession, pursuing a career in marketing management.  Meanwhile, my personal fitness and wellness still remained a top priority that I would plan my free time around. In spite of my steady relationship with wellness, I spent most of my 20’s chronically ill with an unknown autoimmune disorder that had me in chronic pain, fainting and generally limiting my life.  Eventually, I found out that my body was in a pre-cancer stage and decided that life was too valuable for me to spend sitting behind a desk doing marketing. In my eyes, life is short, and I wanted to make sure I spent the bulk of my time doing something I felt passionate about that helped people.  The same week I found out I had a polyps, I quit my full time job at one of the largest conglomerate agencies in the world. I worked on a couple of accounts on a part-time basis while I became certified as a personal trainer and started working with clients.  Along my road to recovery, I bumped into the formal practice of yoga and was blown away to finally find a practice that bundled up so many things I love into one- body movement and familiarity, spiritual growth, relaxation and finding ease within myself .  Organically, New York New You was born out of my my personal growth journey.

Since recovering, I have continued to explore myself from in and out, giving to those around me what I love for myself – an amazing way to connect with the wholeness of who you are and simultaneously connect better with the people around you and with the universe.

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