New York New You (NYNY) was established in 2011 as a way for its founder, Luisa Noelle to share her passion for overall wellness and fitness with the world.  At a time of personal growth and shifts in Luisa’s overall perspective on wellness, New York New You was born. S ince its beginnings, NYNY has had a focus on an active lifestyle whether it be through the vehicles of strength training, yoga, personal training, HITT, group training, sports specific training or sports such as basketball to keep oneself physically thriving as well as spiritual growing.  We have always understood that true wellness is an internal spiritual journey as much as it is a physical practice- if you strengthen your body you will elevate your mind.

Over the years, Luisa Noelle has worked with all types of clientele, from college bound athletes and Olympic athletes. to fitness novices, desk jocks, war vets in post rehab and individuals with special needs.   She has also worked with some of NYC’s most prestigious private high schools and non-for-profit organizations.  No matter the level or aptitude, NYNY has continuously worked to help improve the lives of those open for growth through fitness and movement.

Strength & Conditioning
Our strength & conditioning programing is built to make you more functional, stronger & more powerful
Use yoga to recover, support your training program, detox and relax or as your main form of wellness
Corporate & Group Training
Training in a group helps create a team and supportive atmosphere.  We also specialize in corporate fitness
Learn a new way to enjoy cardio training by adding boxing to your regimen
Sports Specific Training
Because being an elite athlete means taking your sport beyond the court or field
You are what you eat.  Learn how to properly fuel your life to reach your goals
Post Rehab Training
Transition back into physical activity safely after you’ve recovered from your injury
Pre-Post Natal
Train safely before, during and after your pregnancy
What will be your fit story?
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