Pistol Squat Benefits

Why do pistol squats to begin with?  Pistol squats (or single legged squats) are one of those one of a kind great stability exercises to master in order to help promote optimal body mechanics.  This can be advantageous if you are an everyday person, everyday athlete to an olympic athlete.  Running isn’t often thought of as a plyometic (jumping) exercise, but it is.  Exercises that are jumping based such as running assume functional single leg balance.  If you don’t have functional balance, your body will automatically rewire in order to complete the task set out by the brain by any means necessary.  That means that it can pick up dysfunctional movement patterns in order to complete the task of the moment of stabilizing on one leg whether you be walking, jogging or sprinting.  Check out the video below for a how to do pistol squats as well as a step by step guide below the video.

How to do a Pistol Squats (with TRX)

  • Hold the TRX to your preference with either both handles together at heart’s center or one handle in each hand shoulder width apart.
  • Line your stabilizing leg up with the center of the TRX strap
  • Lift your non-stabilizing leg so that it is floating in the air with with foot flexed towards your heard
  • Hinge the hips backwards as you sit your hips back as if you are sitting
  • Keep your core engaged as if your belly button is gently pressing in towards your spine
  • Keep the center of gravity established so that you are equally putting weight in the ball of your foot as well as your heel
  • As your hip bone sinks just below your knee level press firmly through your tripod food back up to standing
  • As you arrive to standing up, tighten your glutes

Looking for more single legged exercises to strengthen and tone your legs to help enhance your athletic performance or prevent from injuries?  Check out this link on how to do single leg deadlifts.

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