Single Leg Deadlift Exercise Benefits

Much like the purpose of mastering and progressing single leg step ups, single leg deadlifts allows us to challenge and train our bodies at efficiently mastering our ability to stabilize our weight on one leg (as we do in running).  It adds another dimension to stability that is crucial -being able to manage stability with a displaced center of gravity as we do in so many forms of athletics such as team sports and cycling.

How to do Single Leg deadlifts exercise

  • Grab the handle/s of the resistance band
  • Line up your right foot with the band
  • Engage your core so you are standing tall
  • Shift all your weight into your right foot
  • Hinging at the hip reach your straight left leg back
  • Reach your right butt muscle as far back as you can while bending knee
  • Bend your knee at the same time
  • Return back to standing position

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