Mountain Climber Exercise Benefits

Mountain climbers are an awesome go to for a solid core exercise.  I’m a big fan of most plank based exercises that challenge your rotary stability (ability to assist rotation in order to stabilize).

How to do Mountain Climbers Exercise

For this exercise you can use sliding plates or a towel under your feet or you can go old school and just run in place.  Either way, you will start this exercise in a standard plank position with: Your wrist directly under your shoulders,

  • Eyes looking beyond your fingertips at the ground
  • Heels actively dragging backwards like you are firmly stepping on the ground
  • Hips held in line with your spine so you are in a straight line from head to heels
  • Quads should be engaged in order to help keep your hips leveled as well

Mountain Climber exercise pointers

From your solid plank position, you will focus on maintaining a tight core while you bend your right knee towards your belly button right under your leveled and stabilized hips.  Return your leg back to plank position.  Alternate from one leg to the next as if you are running while holding a solid plank.  It tends to be a little harder to maintain a tight core while moving through the motions slower vs. going faster will challenge your core strength in relationship to your cardiovascular capabilities.

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