It’s always been a cliché in fitness that your core muscles are your most important.  But the why can be kind of vague.  The quick of it is that your central nervous system (wires of communication to the rest of your body) is headquartered here.  A healthy, strong central nervous system connection = strong and functionally sound movements.  Strong and functionally sound movements lead to peak athletic performance and staying injury free = high five!  The plank exercise is a king when it comes to core and stability training.  Watch the video below to learn more about how to do the plank exercise.

Benefits of Plank Exercise:

  • Improves core stability
  • Improves shoulder strength and stability muscles
  • Strengthens muscles that help protect your spine
  • Trains the body to resist gravity and resistance which can be transferred into athletic performance

Plank Pointers

  • Open your fingers wide and flat like you are digging your fingers into sand
  • Keep your shoulders directly over your wrists
  • Step your feet back into a pushup position:  Head, hips and heals in a straight line
  • Turn your triceps in towards each other without moving your hands
  • Actively press the ground away
  • Fire off your Tighten your quads to give you additional core support
  • Drag your heels backwards like you are pressing them down onto an imaginary wall.
  • Look at the floor about 5 ft ahead of you

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