When we train for a particular sport, it can be easy to stay within the sport’s designated plane of motion.  Our bodies are designed to move healthily through 3 planes of motion.  We should be able to healthily move side to side, transversely (or horizontally across your body) and forwards and backwards.  When we train ourselves to move efficiently in only one or two of these, it creates an inefficiency that can lead to an injury or can get in the way of your progress as an athlete.  And nobody wants that!

Check out the video below to learn how to do the lateral band walk exercise

Lateral Band Walk Benefits

  • Strengthens external hip flexors with in the sagittal plane which is often overlooked in strength training programs
  • With proper form core and spine muscle groups are also engaged

Lateral Band Walk Exercise Pointers

  • Take a perform better resistance band of appropriate resistance and place it securely around the ball of your feet
  • Hinge your hips backwards keeping your core tight while you slightly bend your knees.  You should be in a deadlift position in your spine.
  • Keeping your core engaged, your knees consistently hip width apart, take a long smooth stride with your right foot towards the right until you can no longer move your foot and place it on the ground.  Your left foot stays planted.
  • Now step your left foot slightly towards the right foot but still keep tension in the band and place the foot down.
  • Proceed step by step for 10 slides in one direction and then do the same pattern for 10 strides towards the left.

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