Having an at home gym or gym resources is one of those things that makes maintaining a fit life more feasible. A lot of times it becomes an operation of sorts to fit in time to commute to the gym, get in a quality hour plus workout, shower, eat a rejuvenating meal and commute to your next obligation. The more working out feels like a task on your to do list, the more likely you are to find reasonable reasons to de-prioritize it. That’s why having your go to at home gym fitness space and equipment is such a great thing to have in order to keep you on track with your fitness goals.Noelle TRX

Don’t let the word “gym” overwhelm you. Having an at home gym can be literally as simple has having a yoga mat in the corner that sets you in the mood when rolled out. Home gyms are affordable and space efficient so whether you are looking to keep it basic with a yoga mat or to spend some good money, the list below is a great starter’s guide to building your own at home gym. If you are unfamiliar with how to use any of these tools, don’t be alarmed! One of the great things about the digital age we live in is that there is a lot of quality trainers and yoga guides out there that you can find either free or really reasonable priced at home guides to follow.

Beginner’s Home Gym:

Costs ranging from $9.25-$209.55

  • Yoga Mat ($58.00-$100.00): Not all mats are created equal! Some people actually prefer not to work with a mat, so don’t go out there and buy one just because you should. If you are looking for the right mat for you, some basic things you want to think about as far as features are:
    -Are you a sweaty Betty when you workout? If so, make sure you think about getting something with some grip to it like The Mat by LuLu Lemon.
    -Do you tend to be sensitive to skin allergies? Maybe something that is latex free like the Manduka Pro Mat is more suitable for you.
    -Are you maybe going to be commuting with your mat to a rejuvenation class at the end of a long day at work? If so you maybe want to get something light like the Manduka SuperLite Travel Mat.
    -Do you need extra padding for those kneeling poses or for sensitive palms? Then the Manduka Pro Mat is a good option for you to consider.If you need some flows to get you breathing, check out my Yoga Toga YouTube Playlist to get you moving with ease!!!
  • Adjustable Dumbbells: ($49.99- 500.00): I personally own the $49.99 set of adjustable dumbbells. You are going to want to consider what you plan on doing with them as well as what other tools you have at your disposal when deciding what range you need. For me I am more than satisfied having the range of a 5 lb to 20 lb dumbbell set to compliment all of my other tools and body weight training routines.adjustable dumbbells
  • Fitness Gliders ($9.25): This is one of my favorite tools to hate!!! They are so reasonably priced and if you are creative you will get soooooo much use out of them, it is kind of ridiculous. They are also crazy easy to travel with. These are actually one of the staple things that I normally have in my gym bag. If you have never used them and are looking for ways to fit them in to your fitness life, keep your eyes plugged to my YouTube channel for useful guides to be posted soon!
  • Black Mountain Adjustable Resistance Bands ($29.99) : Another one of those things that is low cost, easy to travel with and very versatile. I have had the same set for about 4 years and take them wherever I travel. You could literally just have this along and have a complete home gym. For ideas on how to use resistance bands for at home training check out my Resistance Band Training Playlist on YouTube.
  • Jump Rope ($12.99): Again it’s one of those things that normally is sitting at the bottom of my bag because it get’s so much done and is very easy to carry around. It’s a great thing to add to workout weather you are someone just looking for a great workout to an Olympic athlete. You can use rope skipping to enhance speed, cardio, footwork, coordination and muscle endurance.
  • Pull Up Bar ($21.77): This is one of those less is more pieces of equipment.  It is as easy as it gets as far as installation and brings one of those fundamental great lifts to your living room.  No tools needed, all you need to do is place the pull-up bar securely on the doorframe and done. 

  • Perform Better Mini Bands ($24.95):  Easy to travel with and can make a lot of basic exercises and movements more challenging.  I consider this a great addition to any home gym.

  • Kettlebells: ($10-209.95): Just like with the adjustable weights, you want to put some thought into what exactly you are going to use the bells for as well as how it fits into all of your other home gym equipment. Are you using them for shoulder stability exercises? Kettlebell swings? Deadlifts? The more you have an idea of what you are going to use them for, the better you will be able to figure out how much you want to spend on this part of your home gym. Need some kettlebell inspired workouts? Check out my Kettlebell Training Playlist on YouTube.

Advanced home gym equipment:

Things get a little bit pricier here ranging from $177.91-$350.00

  • TRX: ($177.91): Another awesome tool for a full body strength and cardio workout that is light enough to travel with. I also have a soft spot for training because of it’s ability for suspension based training which calls on your nervous system in a way that is harder to achieve wit other equipment. That being said your home gym is definitely complete without this pricy add on. A TRX is a great thing to have if you are actually going to use it frequently and spend time learning all of the great ways to use it, if not you are more than set with one or two of the above mentioned tools.
  • Bike Trainer: ($104.37- $350.00): If you are someone who just needs to have cardio training accessible to you at all times to round off your workout, a trainer is a great addition as long as you have a bike. A trainer allows you to quickly turn your living room into a spinning studio. Just hook up your bike, put on your favorite workout playlist and get spinning. With spinning on the rise, there are a lot of resources out there as well that will allow you access to some of the best trainers in the industry.

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