One of the most frequent ouch spots that people ask me about is knees. After listening to what they are feeling, I always ask what has been done to help decrease the pain if anything. If anything has been attempted it has usually been a local treatment attempt, meaning they try to make the knee feel better by working on the actual knee.

Knees have such a bad rap! Too often I meet runners, tennis players and everyday athletes who have curved their training plans because of knee pain. Pain in the knee is usually a symptom of something above or below the knees being out of balance. There are sooo many little ways a body can be out of balance. This means that certain muscles are too weak while others are doing too much work or it could also mean that something is so tight that the healthy range of motion cannot be achieved, causing muscles to fire off inappropriately. Usually, it is a combination of tension and inefficient muscle use causing the pain.

In this video, we are going to be looking at a how to create space in the hips to help create harmony in movement so that all of our muscles have the room to do their job. A happy hip means healthy movement. Healthy movement means pain free knees and workouts!

Want some more? Check out some of my other YouTube videos on how to improve hip stability to get the full effect of balancing out your hips.

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