Making time to recover is just as important (if not more important) as following through with our goals. When we allow the needed time for recovery, we rest our mind, body and soul which makes more room for something larger than ourselves to do its magic. That something is our body’s natural intuition to repair. When we are in a state of physical and mental rest we are giving our guts space to examine itself and rid our systems from toxins we may have built up during our strenuous exercise regimens, jobs or relationships.

As a whole, we must understand that taking a break and recovering is just as important as being active. These are the reasons why:

  • Our minds and bodies do not have the space to repair from strenuous every day living
  • We self medicate with caffeine and other pick me ups. This then builds the need to self medicate to fall asleep
  • Our metabolism is thrown off and can cause weight gain
  • We promote hormonal imbalances
  • It decreases our cognitive and creative abilities
  • We are in a miserable mood
  • It can cause depression

In rest, we accomplish things that we just can’t do when we are awake and bombarded with information. There is an unconscious processes that we undergo in rest that allows us to:

  • Have a healthy detach from reality
  • Get an opportunity to subconsciously take a new approach to our lives & problem solve
  • Recover on a cellular level
  • Repair our cognitive & creative energies
  • Release healing hormones

So what are some great ways to rejuvenate from the inside out? Check out these tips on how to naturally boost your energy and these 10 tips for renewing the body for an active person.

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