Believe in Something Bigger than you Living Within

I absolutely love flying. For one I am just a sucker for traveling 🙂 but I love being in the clouds and being amongst one of the many marvels of this world. It’s things like this or being on the beach that reminds me of my place in life. I love being reminded that p.s. there is something so much bigger than you going on out there that you are a part of – like it or not. And what you contribute and how you show up is totally up to you. That there is a whole world beyond the seeable horizon of fluffy clouds and a whole universe that surrounds us representing endless possibilities out there that WE are so much bigger than just the roles we play or the traits we carry around in everyday life.

We are put in the world at this precise time to be happy, to be great and share that bottled up joy with everyone you encounter to leave this world a little bit better than when you came into it. After all WE, you and me are made out of the same stuff in nature that awes us -the clouds, the ocean, the beautiful stones which is pretty amazing when you really thing about it.

So everyday that goes by no matter how big or small it is, remember that you are pretty damn great by nature. All you have to do is acknowledge this and be great in your own way, and live in the simple awe of being happy. And whenever you are taken away by something beautiful in nature that is somehow simple yet elegant, remember that you have a part in all of that.

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