Building a Fab Life One Decision at a Time

Breaking a life pattern and starting a new supportive life can be an intimidating experience. But it doesn’t have to be! It’s one of those things that it tends to be more of a mental challenge than anything. Change calls for you to harness your ability to be the most loving and supportive person to yourself. It’s always nice to have a wing-man there for you as a backbone, but sometimes, you just gotta be your own. After all, you’re  the only 100% consistent being in your life so you may as well be your best friend and number one fan 🙂 Happiness comes with accomplishment especially when you’ve got your own back, come rain or come shine!

Unhealthy and un-supportive lifestyles are built one decision at a time. When we act like we just arrived at a specific, undesired place in life because of “the cards you were dealt”, we really dis-empower ourselves and take the backseat in our own “choose your own adventure novel”. The same goes for being healthy. Focusing on the small picture and making the best/healthiest decision for you in that specific situation is important. Don’t worry about the long hall goal so much of “I want to lose x amount of weight, or whatever it is. Hell, don’t even worry and don’t mentally punish or judge yourself for the series of not so awesome decisions that have built into an unideal lifestyle or state of being. Instead wake up every day, be grateful that you have the self- realization and motivation to start making better decisions one at a time. Instead, set an intention with love and know you have what it takes to realize this no matter what it is.That way, with consistency, you will one day wake up naturally with a smirk of appreciation about how you have build the healthiest version of yourself, one step at a time. Like Dr. Leo Marvin would say, baby steps” ;).

Self motivation is a start and the way to go! So you, my friend,  stop beating yourself up mentally for your current state of being if you are not a fan of it. Instead, make the decision that you will start taking care of you, start showing up how you want to or start living the life you want to live one decision at a time.


Luisa Noelle

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