Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number

A few of us will instantly put mental limitations on how successful we can be by saying things like “I’m too big, too old or too something or another to have the body I have always wanted.” The great power we have in life is that we are literally limited by what we ourselves deem as possible. Meet Leslee one of my fun examples of breaking the norm in fitness.

Before I get into the details of Leesle’s cool transformation let’s play the guess how old game. 35? Okay, I’ll grow up 🙂 . So this is the back of a very strong and vibrant 57 year old woman. Wicked right? Leslee and I started hanging out (a.k.a. working out about 5 months ago with the intention of improving flexibility, balance, strength and a few vanity upgrades). I knew from our first call we were going to have a blast and when I saw her I knew I was going to have fun since she already looked great and my intention was to make her feel and look even better which at first glance looked like it would be somewhat tricky but easy in that she was 100% up for anything. That openness and unlimited thinking about her capabilities helped us go a long ways in little time with slight tweaks to eating and experimenting with different types of training styles like, pure body weight work, kettle bells, TRX, boxing, yoga and some non-traditional exercises to help us build a stronger foundation.

Long story short.. 5 months later, Leslee looked and felt ahhmazing!!! I actually took this picture because I was caught by surprise. I see her twice a week so I definitely noticed the progress with a naked eye as well as the ongoing assessments we run. Also, in the weeks leading up to this picture, I would see her doing certain movements and would have her stop saying “I’m sorry Leslee real quick, just watch yourself in the mirror real quick and appreciate how ridiculous you look right now”. We would laugh and keep up with our laughter filled workout session. Once and a while, she updates me on things around the house she could lift simply with one arm that she used to struggle with or a really funny compliment someone would give her on how beautifully scooped she was.

Lessons Affirmed

I’m a super lucky trainer because I am 100% inspired by every single person I have worked with to date. Leslee has been fun and inspiring in affirming that age is a number and the possibilities are limitless when you just have fun! There are countless things that I give Leslee that would be hard for any one at their prime age and physical capacity to accomplish that she always manages to master. No matter what I ask her to do, she is 100% game, goes in there knowing she can do it and nails it even if it means we have to build up to it.

Here is to you Leslee, my sister in rolling? Yeah, my sister in rolling ;).

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