Tis the season to be loving. Whether you have a special someone or not, you can’t help but be aware that love is in the air this time of year. If you are out of ideas or just want to try something new this Valentine’s Day, maybe try a less is more approach. After all, love is about an unconditional and undeniable connection with yourself and between you and your partner,not how deep your pockets are. So many times people get stressed about finding the best way to simply say I love you instead of finding a simple, creative and meaningful way to express their hearts. The best gifts can be ones that cost less than $10 in supplies, is a genuine gesture of love and is thoughtfully put together. Even if you are stag this Valentine’s Day, there is plenty of love in you worth celebrating.

Here are 5 personalized ways to connect with yourself, your significant other, or someone you just feel like sending some love to.

  • Take the day off from work to be in love: If your alone this Valentine’s Day there is no better way to show yourself some love than to set aside a whole day dedicated to only doing things that makes your heart go pitter patter. Or if your spending it with that special someone take the day off to indulge in that simple something that you two always love to do together, but never find the time for.
  • Use yoga to connect with the heart: One of the many cool perks of a yoga practice is that it helps you better connect with yourself and your personal relationships. So whether your going to show yourself or your partner some love, see if you can find a yoga studio near you that has a Valentine’s Day inspired yoga class
  • Music is what feeling sounds like:Put together a personalized album just for him/her. Whether you have your eye on someone or have been with that special person for the last 20 years, you can never go wrong with a playlist. If your going for the first step in making your feeling clear to someone, put together an album of all of the songs that when you hear them, make you feel all smiley inside while you think about them. Then take the time to write a few thoughts how you feel. If that doesn’t catch someones attention… well, it will :). If you’re in a long term loving relationship, why not make a soundtrack of the years past and years to come and totally deck out the album with original art.
  • Send some virtual love: This, like all of the above is perfect if you are single or in a relationship. (Actually, it may be a suave move if your single ;). Ecard’s are free and can be very thoughtful if written with the right words. Make a list of people that mean something to you (especially those who you know aren’t up to much for the day), and send them a simple card to say, “Hey I’m thinking about you today”… in your own words.
  • Have a home spa day: For crying out loud forget about paying beaucoup money to have someone else wine and dine your sweetheart by giving them a massage, pedicure and manicure. Instead, take care of each other for the day and let your humble abode be transformed into a luxurious day and night spa for 2.That should be enough to spark some more simple unforgettable ways to spend this Valentine’s Day.

    p.s. Even more wawa wewa romantic than any of the above, is learning how to make sweet and unexpected thoughtfulness a part of your everyday relationship. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to sweep yourself or your significant other off their feet by a thoughtfully random “I love you babe” gesture. Instead make it a “just because habit” because… every day is the 14th!

photo credit:
Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc