I am too old to have that body!

I can’t tell you how often I spend energy talking clients and friends off this ledge of self-sabotage. This and other self-sabotaging statements like:

  • “I’ve never had that body, there is no way I will now”
  • “I’m too busy to have that body” or just flat out “I will never have that body”.
  • “I wish I could be/do xyz, but I can’t”.

Sh#t! What a definite and life dulling dulling way to pass every day seriously thinking you lack the ability to feel like “woah” in your skin more often than not. Whether it be getting in the best shape of your life or some other life committing goal, we loose the game before we even get started by self-sabotage. Over time and failed half-assed or wholehearted attempts, we create these stories and alibis that we tell ourselves to somehow justify the fact we are not living the inspired life we deserve and love the skin we are in. When in reality if you looked for it, chances are you can find at least a handful of people who have your desired body, have that dream job or are doing something very similar to what your life fantasies are. If you can’t think of anyone off the top of your head, spend 5 minutes Googling and you will.

These are not the bodies of average 50+ year olds, and maybe your vision isn’t to be half this toned. But the point is- these “older” people have bodies better than most 20 something year olds. And this is not your average Olympian, but no one could ever deny that he is a champion and world-class athlete.

The point of this isn’t to make anyone feel bad bout themselves. Rather, it is to empower you. Do you think these people developed or maintained these bodies looking in the mirror thinking about how fat they were and how impossible it would be to be in shape? Ummm…. yeah? Nope. Sure, maybe they had off days where they actually emotionally needed to give into a pity party, but I 150% guarantee you that they made a spiritual/mental shift either consciously or subconsciously to support their goals, their visions and their purpose in life with a loving conviction. So the moment you start hearing you tell yourself you can’t have what you heartfully desire because xyz or one of your comforting tales, catch yourself and shift around the dialogue so it happily supports you one thought at a time. Then, thought-by-thought, the material world has no choice but to give in.

  • “I’ve never had that body, this is the year I will have all the support I need to feel and look like “woah”
  • “I’m too busy to have xyz. I am going to reprioritize and transition myself for more me time within the next 2 months”
  • “I have everything I need already in me to feel and look like woah.”

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