Every injury is unique as far as the healing process. But, when inflammation is involved there are a couple of go to things you can always do to help prompt your recovery.

    • At the onset of an injury always rest and allow for your body to start it’s natural healing process. Our bodies are the smart “machines” and know how to take care of themselves. But it needs you to give it the space to heal and do its thing.
    • Ice it like its hot!…or just put some ice on it :). It’s an old school remedy (all of these are) but it is a classic. Apply ice anywhere from 5-10 minutes and then take a break for an equal amount of time. Gauge yourself with how the icing process feels. It is natural to feel uncomfortable but once you start crossing the line into numb, that is your cue to end the interval.

icing an injury

  • Heating is a bit tricky (with one exception that I’ll mention in a sec), but it’s not something you should do on the onset of an injury because it can be counter productive to pushing the inflammation out of the area. The one exception is if you have epsom salt. If you do it is a great idea to alternate between icing and a wet epsom salt heating sessions. You do a wet epsom salt session by either bathing in a bath with 2 handfuls of epsom salt or you can dip a rag into warm water and place it on your injury. (P.s. if your an athlete, an epsom salt bath once a week is a good idea in general to help your body recover). So, start off with your 5-10 minutes of icing then follow it up with the warm epsom salt and so on. Just make sure you end with icing.
  • Apply arnicare cream to the inflamed region. Arnicare is a natural homeopath which helps your body naturally heal from injury. It is made from minerals and plants that stimulate the area that it is applied to.
  • Elevate your injury as often as possible. This is easy enough to execute if you have inflammation in your arms or leg. Just keep a pillow handy and place it underneath to keep it above heart level. If the injury is somewhere more central like in your hips, you can try playing around with pillows to elevate your hips a little as well.For more tips on injury relief and recovery in the hips check out the playlist below for some ideas and get better soon :).

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