Here is a sequence that will help you focus on building strength in your core and hip flexor. Whether you are active yoga practitioner, a basketball player or a hyper active professional, having a very strong, flexible and balanced out core is going to make all of the difference in the world in your practice, on the court and everyday life.

We are going to use the yoga principle of connecting our breath with our movements while we get our abs on in this sequence. The way to use your breathes to help you get the most out of your core/hip workout try to exhale and release all of your oxygen at the most challenging part of the move. The idea behind this is by releasing all of your oxygen at this point you are 100% relying and focusing on your core muscles to hold you up with no added help. Follow this routine to give you a great surround sound core workout. Start with this basic video and if this is nothing for you, start adding more reps and see if you can work yourself up to 60 paced reps in each position.

Once you are done give yourself a few minutes to upon up and create some space in your core and back. Creating space is just as important as building muscle. With whatever fitness work you do, try to find the balance between strength building as well as opening/flexibility. In order to build something more/new, you need the space to move into healthily. That is where flexibility and muscle building work together.

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