Here are some basic deets on how to deal with a strained or injured hip flexor. If this is an injury you are having right now, there are a few things I would recommend you do.

First off, if you have exceeded more than 7 days with it go see a professional; particularly if your situation is not getting any better or if it is getting worst. Even if you think you know your body to the T, just see a trusted professional and get their feedback and see if they offer any new productive ideas.

The next default and given action is… well no action at all. Rest is crucial with a hip injuryas well as being aware of how you found yourself in that position. Maybe…

  • you were running too intensely for what your body could handle
  • your injury occurred because of weakness in your psoas or hip flexor
  • or there is too much tension in your calf or other parts of your body that is accumulating tension in your hips?

Figuring out how you got injured will 100% determine what type of treatment/therapy you need to do in order to heal. Even if you have a physical therapist, you need to personally spend some time to understand your hip area, because after all no one will ever be able to know your body better than you. So do not rely on them alone, use them as a guide at most.

The above video will give you more details on tips you can do to help yourself out as well as some good exercises to help you start to get know your hip and body much better.

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