.. and what are you doing about it?

The Kings Speech is a simple but inspiring movie of overcoming emotional and psychological blocks; a life phenomenon everyone can relate to in some degree or another. Every day, week and month we are surrounded by personal and worldly rules and regulations that tell us exactly what is and what is not possible. It has been happening to use since we were kids. This was a time when we didn’t have the right experiences to give us a howling courage that would allow us to stand up for our dreams. To stand up for the great in you.

The film is based off of the true story of King George the 6th of England. Born a complete individual in every way (including speech), King George faced certain situations and people that stifled his greatness all before the age of 4. Stifled so much that he literally couldn’t articulate himself clearly due to a developed stutter. Through adulthood and kingship, George the 6th encountered a speech therapist and friend that made him courageous enough to ask himself to face his shadows and ask for something more. Something beyond himself. To believe it was even possible, the speech therapist literally had to shut off the Kings subconscious to his voice (and conscious mind) that insisted that he could not read a piece of literature without stuttering. He had to open his spirit, mind and body to something he had deemed as impossible. Something new.

At one time or another, we have all had a nagging character in ourselves that likes to tell us what is possible from impossible. Usually what they dictate as possible is just a scratch on the surface of our full potential. The peak of the iceberg that seems to reach so deep into the bottomless ocean that we can’t even see its end. There comes a time when we need to learn how to shut out the barriers and rules of our conscious that couldn’t possibly see it all and open ourselves up to our vast subconscious. To our hearts desires. Think of it this way, our conscious mind is like the eye above the water that sees the glaciers peak, and the subconscious eye is below the surface. It may not see the end, but it’s open to how profound it can all be and knows for a fact there is so much more going on than what appears on the oceans surface.

An open free body caters to an open free spirit & mind. An open free spirit & mind can achieve any genuine desire… and vice versa 🙂

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