Lets mat chat for a sec. In yoga, when getting into a pose, it is best to just breathe into it. The more challenging the pose the more you will benefit from having a transparent connection between your breathing and body. It is sooo easy when you want to get into a pose that has a certain way it should look in your head, to force your body into it using a sheer will to do so. Which is also a perfect way to get injured sooner or later. I know I have to be aware and remind myself that it is better to just us my breath to get there. Maybe it’s just not the right time for you to be there and in recognizing that you can learn to breathe deeply into it until your body is ready to be there.

Off the mat it’s the same way -from the smallest to the more serious situations in life. Life is full of challenges(duahh :)). A part of “maturing” or bettering yourself and your life is learning how to build your own personal formulas for dealing with them in a healthy way as they arise. When you’re getting home from a long day in the middle of what feels like a blizzard in the middle of the city and shuffling through your bag to find your keys thinking about the fact you must get in ASAP! When you act in a rush about it, the weird thing is, you would more than likely find them quicker if you were to take a calm breath and think “where did I put my keys”. When you get disappointing or heart breaking news, get a huge project thrown onto your already overflowing work calendar – if you ruffle your feathers over an undesired situation you are only going to compound the situation.

Put it this way if a fire breaks out, you’re not going to run into the kitchen and grab some matches! Hell No! You’re going to go in there and get some water to offset the fire of course. The next time you’re in pickle or feel squeezed by a challenge, translate your mat practice into reality and get yourself grounded with your breath. With the not so serious situations you will be able to let go of them and realize that you were giving something you don’t care for way too much energy. For more serious situations that will not dissolve with breathing alone, or are not as you feel they should be, by breathing you are giving room for the right situation to fit in. Just like with yoga, when you breathe deeply instead of forcing yourself into a pose you will make room for your body to naturally find it. So the next time your experiencing anxiety or feeling stressed out, go and get your breath on!

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