I heard life coach, Carla Picardi, amidst an inspiring interview say “…the point of mastery, that’s the observation point. That’s where you have to look at it, way before intrigue sets in and that’s always the hardest time to leave. Because the ego says…I deserve this.” Dam was she right. This is fresh on my mind as one of the biggest marketing agencies in the world left me a phone message this week asking if I was interested in a managing role within their expanding department.

Carla’s quote rang through my head because it precisely summed up where I am in life. Well, this along with, “are you serious, I applied to you guys when I graduated from school a year and a half-ish ago. Now I get the call, when I’m moving to London?” Then thoughts of “My gosh I can’t believe you are able to ignore these calls and emails so easily now. Had this been me six months ago I’d be all over these job opportunities, or at least considering.” Not necessarily because this is something that really genuinely fulfills me, but maybe more because “dude I’ve worked so hard in this industry the last 5 years and done some big things, it’s about time I get an awesome role. You deserve this and I’m sure it will be somewhat interesting for a few and you’d do great.” But when it comes down to it, I couldn’t in any honesty say that marketing is what I know I have to offer to the world. I know it’s a tool that I will always use to grow whatever I do in my life. But yeah, in no way shape or form would I be happy on a death bed (I look ahead a bit :)) looking back on a life as some huge marketing guru. I’m bored just typing that statement.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been raised by inspiring and amazing parents who taught me from a young age to have something in mind I want to do. Even if it switches, that’s okay. From when I can remember, I always had something I wanted to be… I think the first was a singer (but I was too shy to sing in public… so that got scratched), then a cop (just to ride the motorcycle), then an architect (to happily marry my love for art/beauty and natural knack for analysis and business savvy), I wanted to be a doctor to match with my love for helping/nurturing people (that dissolved when I saw a cadaver). When I was in the 3rd grade I realized what it was I wanted to give back and how I wanted to show up in the world.

In a giant and seemingly slow motion sum of movements that are growing me apart from what a “rational life” should look and feel/look like… my inner wisdom is guiding me to a more inspiring one. A life much more in line with how I would love to give back and how I would like to show up in this lifetime. Often times our “rational” minds will not be in alignment with our inner wisdom or gut feeling. And we have a choice to make, to do what is comfortable, known and safe; or to get comfortable being uncomfortable while striving for something not so practically but “heartfuly” inspiring. The more one goes along the path of inspiration the closer they will be able to work with their inner wisdom and following their gut. No matter how strong that “rational” mind of yours is. As I keep on rejecting the practicality of amazing management opportunities (that at times my ego thinks I’m nuts) my gut keeps letting me know that in doing so I am making room for something far greater to come along. The act of closing these doors or walking away from comfortable opportunities will lead to new and fulfilling beginnings.

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