Have you ever bent over backwards to help a friend or even do something as simple as hold a door open for a stranger and not received any gratitude in return? No thank you. No recognition, no nothing. What are the chances of putting your needs aside or prioritizing for that friend again in the same way? Maybe you’ll try it again, but eventually with a lack of gratitude you are bound to get skimpy on the giving.

The universe works the same way. Whether you realize it or not, on any given day we are ridiculously and brilliantly blessed. Even on “the worst day of my life”, there is something that we can all sit down and be genuinely grateful for.

On your next bad day, when all seems to be going wrong, instead of letting yourself sulk in it, start giving thanks for all of your blessings. Even when life is on the bright side, try this: when you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, spend (at least) the first five minutes of your day just laying there saying your thanks for everything you are fortunate to have and as awkward as it may sound, the things you don’t. Gratitude is one great way to tap into the abundance of the universe and attract more of the things you desire in life.

On the flip side, not taking the time to acknowledge your blessings is like that ungrateful friend that doesn’t recognize your kindness. Eventually, the universe will start getting skimpy and you’ll start feeling like the things you value most are fleeting away.

Be genuinely gracious everyday as you start minding your blessings and watch things come together and a shift in attitude. So what are you grateful for today? I’ll start, I am always moved by how great my family is and my motivation to always ask myself for something great in my eyes.

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