“Music is what feelings sound like.” -unknown

As a fresh yoga instructor there are 2 things that I focus on prepping: 1. building a sequence that is fluid, enjoyable, motivating yet challenging and 2. composing a perfect mood setting playlist. A great yoga class for me comes from having my breaths and movements acting as one while being challenged and just being in this “zone”. The cherry on top of it all is when a song comes on that punctually defines the feeling. Music during yoga is like a soundtrack playing in a movie; it can either make it or break it.

Being a frequenter at Strala Yoga in New York City, I’ve learned from some of the best yoga playlist composers. A playlist can be thought of like a perfect song that has a hooking intro, dynamic bridge, lingering outro and a nice chorus line in between to balance it out. Here are some great things to keep in mind when piecing together songs to accompany you during a practice.

* It has to be music that feels like you (the instructor) and that you dig.

* The first song, if not first two are key! This is where the mood is set and the class releases themselves from the day and what’s to come and connects with their body and breathes.

* Being able to find a song that sounds great and talks about, well, breathing is a cool (somewhat corky
:)) touch to a playlist.

* A pleasant surprise. A song that at first hear makes you smirk because it seemingly has no business
there, but actually feels perfect with whatever movements are going on at the moment.

* Moody music is nice. Not dark, just moody.

* Just like the first songs, the last couple are key. After spending an hour or so connecting with oneself,
give a couple of tunes that lets them leave marinating on the great experience of their yoga practice.

This is sure to be built out and be amended in the future… but this is a good start :). What do you look for in a perfect yoga playlist?

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